Neuroscience Research

In this project, I am using EEG device to detect and analyse Visual Evoked Potentials.

This picture was taken after the device was tested and calibrated on my brain.

Cyborgtree artwork, for “Technology for Nonhumans” Exhibition

I created this cyborg tree with my artist engineer friends. It was on the exhibition “Technology For Non-Humans” in 2022. It had sensors on it that measured it, and a advanced Arduino programming, that made it drive around if and how it felt like it.

Robot Butler Prodotype

I created this robot buttler prodotype along with my Robot Club RoDIYO.

Non Context digital painting, for Exhibition in Aarhus

Based on my Philosophical research method “Non Context” (Science of Interior Design) i created these Images, using Artificial Intelligence to obscure humans perspective on interior rooms. My friend Dylan Cawthorne, used my method to create the Non Objects that you see on the floor. This Exhibition was in Galleri Tese, Aarhus.
3D printing Sculpture with Frank Fenriz

Me and my Makerspace The Otown Garage, helped this Artist Frank Fenriz, with creation of this sculpture. We along with other 3d Printer Entusiast, 3d printed parts of this sculpture that Frank then put together, for a exhibition at Silkeborg Bad ( Art Museum).

Commisioned Artpiece, Acrylic Fluid painting

This was created as a fluid acrylic action painting combining 4 canvas’s into one  at a Exhibition at Kunstbygningen Filosoffen, commisioned by Filmværkstedet Odense. Then me and my friend Tom upgraded it with distance sensor and LED, so it became a interactive light art piece. Then after I traded it for one month of house rent.

HAL1 – Virtual Art Museum, 3D website

HAL1 – Virtual Art Museum. I created this new art museum online with artist friends. I build the site up via Virtual Reality technology, for people to experience it online. More than 10 artist made digital artworks for this first exhibition and I put it all together.
Exhibtion on a Inaccesible Roof, using drone

Exhibition on a Inaccesible Roof. We made an exhibtion showing different art pieces, on a roof, no one had acces to. A drone pilot, flew a drone over the roof all day, while people watched the exhibtion via a big screen, in the building below the roof. One of 125+ Art exhibition I have helped to create.
RoDIYO, I taught people robot technology

Robot DIY ( Club ) I taught robottechnology in this club,  based in Odense. It was a fun community of robot entusiast, both beginners and robot engineers, robot scientist and me the philosopher.
Paataget.dk ( Dance Club ) Website

Paataget.dk ( Dance Club ) I made this website for Påtaget. The website is mainly used for showing concerts, events, contact info and opening hours.
Barnet Nymand, Art Exhibition

In this Art exhibition, I teamed up ten other artist, gave us the task that we should make each make a artwork over the same old art work of a famous artist. The Exhibition is a experiment looking to see if Art needs to be unique, to really be Art.
VR Medical Training Simulator

VR Training Simulator In this project i developed a traing simulator for a hospitals future operation rooms, such that the personal could train in the new place before it was build.
Augmented Reality Animated paintings

Augmented Reality Paintings. I made a AR mobile app, that people could use to see more animations on selected paintings at a art exhibtion.
Construction Showroom

Prodotype projekt, hvor jeg var med til at programmere Nyborgs slotsplads, til klient der ville bruge det som showroom, til hvad man kunne bruge pladsen til.
My old Webbureau

I made a webbureau, where we made WordPress websites for clients. I was the founder and one of the webdevelopers.
Butler robot Project, VR userinterface

Butler robot project. In this project I developed the concept for a buttler robot, that could be remote controlled with people from around the world, before the onboard AI had learned enough task, to be fully autonomized.
Walk on painting, for the Art Exhibition “18+”

I made this Art piece for a exhibition called “18+”, it was a sensory exhibition for grown ups. People could walk over this interactive floor painting. It made sounds sometimes depending on were people steped on it.
Glasses with build electronics

Glasses concept prodotyping. Using lasercutter and 3D print technics, i made glasses with build in electronincs. The project won a reward “Most Goofy design, DevLab 2017”.

Karsten Nymand
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